Westward I grow…

Hey Greenville! It’s Friday and I’m restless. I’ve learned pretty quickly that Summer here is full of live music… but which event do I choose? As the middle of summer approaches and temperatures rise to unbearable degrees, I know that some of these soirées will soon be coming to an end. I open up my GVL Scene app to look at a list of my options. Scroll, scroll, scroll… What’s this about the Village of West Greenville? I remember hearing bits and pieces of casual conversation referencing an “up and coming” artsy area and I’m pretty sure this is it. Time to explore! I’m off the couch and onward to a concert series called Villive…

As I drive through the Village of West Greenville, I see freshly painted storefronts and studios peppered throughout the streets. I find a parking spot pretty easily and as I walk I find myself admiring bright murals and colorful facades. Unsure of what to expect, I am led toward the thumping sounds of music and the laughter of children. When I round the corner I’m pleasantly surprised by a content crowd of people lounging comfortably on their lawn chairs and blankets. Kids dance in front of a simple wooden stage while a rockabilly band plays and I feel as if I’ve stumbled into a back yard party. The rumors are true! This is an art district on the upswing and the vibe is palpable.

Villive westend mural edited

While I take it all in, a candle artisan waits patiently for customers under her tent and a line begins to form in front of the beer and wine table. A food truck tucked behind the stage has people flocked around it, snacking on (food) and tapping their toes.

I never knew that Rockabilly could be so eclectic! The Bloodshots have a sound that mixes Blues, Classic Rock, and twanging Country music. It’s like being part of a private, outdoor sock hop. Their stage presence is that of group of lighthearted southern neighbors who asked you to come dance at the local watering hole.

Villive band2edited

“Beer call!” exclaims the little girl on stage. She is not only the libations straw boss for the band, but also the back up dancer and merchandise manager. I end up buying a CD from her and getting a few free stickers before the set (and the night) is through.

Villive painter edited

Fully satisfied and now with a rockin’ skip in my step, I go home after another successful outing. This time I was able to venture away from the downtown scene and I can’t wait to do it again!

If you get a chance to attend this free event, you should know that the greatest part is that a portion of the proceeds (from drink sales) benefits Safe Harbor–a women and children’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Great music, community, giving back, and supporting local artists is just the start of this blossoming part of the area. My only regret of the evening–not bringing my dogs! Feel free to bring your pups as this is also a canine friendly event.

Keep your eye on this area, Greenville. There is much room for growth here and it’s happening. I’ll be back soon!

The Deets:

Little Leslie & The Blood Shots with Lynne Holcombe
Villive Summer Concert Series

Fridays 6 PM – 9 PM

May 19 – August 4

Free Admission

Food Trucks, Craft Beer, Artisan Vendors, Pet Friendly


1288 Pendleton Street Greenville, SC 29611

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